Welcome to 7Avenues. We are running high-growth ventures in Farming, Agriculture technology and Projects, Food Supply Chain, Trading and Real Estate by investing our capital and experience. Our members include Managers, CXOs, Professionals, and Defence personnel with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We take a long-term view in our ventures, and value the association of like minded partners and investors.

Message from Sandeep Saxena

Based on the foundations of learning period that we had from 2006 to 2010 and previously in our careers, we have managed a high growth rate of wealth creation in last 4 years (> 60% per annum) for our stakeholders and partners.

Today, our span of opportunities include:
  1. Managing company owned farms and managed farms (around 1000 acres), and bulk sale to retail.
  2. Derived projects in Agriculture: poultry, fishery, plantations, food storage, joint project with biotech cos to segregate commercial molecules (still in pilot phase).
  3. Tiger Valley farmhouse projects
  4. Isolated Opportunities: Forest produce, Mining, buying undervalued farm lands, develop and resale.
  5. Urban land development and plotting: We recently bought 10 acres in Bhopal for plotting/housing project, and there are more such opportunities at hand.

The process of R&D in poultry that we started in Poultry operations 3 years back has yielded significant breakthroughs continuously, and  recently we could also see improvements in fertility and hatching rates. Similarly, our plantations have become better as we have matured.

In this year, we intend to add Fisheries to our R&D pipeline. We have also discovered opportunities for high ROI projects with use of solar/ alternate clean energy for our farms, and hence that also shall be added to R&D projects this year.

We will share more photos and videos of our work on this website. However, there is nothing like a visit and stay at our farm and office. So we are also getting one of our farms ready with modern guesthouse.  

Learn more about us and our projects/ventures. Thank you.

Best Wishes,
Sandeep Saxena

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ssaxena
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/sandeep.saxena.24

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