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Message from Sandeep Saxena
Based on the foundations of learning period that we had from 2006 to 2011 and previously in our careers, we are enabling wealth creation for our stakeholders and partners through a range of projects in agriculture, farm land, and urban land development
Our core strength has been our experience, intelligent local network right up to village levels and accurate result orientation. As a result, we have grown from zero capital to a mid size entity, in opportunities where we have been thought and research leaders.
We understand India and the opportunities available in a detailed manner. India will create a lot of 'real' i.e. bottom line and execution focused billion dollar businesses in next few decades.  In our view, many will be following one of the following trends:
  • Food Quality and Information asymmetry: Almost no one knows where our food is coming from, allowing adulteration, dilution and false claims from Organic to nutrition. This presents health challenges to consumers, and creates huge opportunity to sincere producers. We want to be present across the food chain with top quality food products from our food forests.
  • Water Scarcity and quality: This trend affects everything from human water consumption to seed cost, milk cost to even scarcity of ecological resorts.
  • Climate change: It is affecting our farm businesses for now but in long term we see it changing food consumption habits to medical bills.
  • Lifestyle up gradation due to mobility, communication and technology: From renovation in housing to consumption of healthy organic poultry and fruits to usage of our Marriage gardens, we see this as a continuous opportunity.
  • Cheaper renewable energy: In our many experiments, this energy is becoming cheaper even if crude is below $40. The industry is currently geared differently, but we see our micro project experience pointing to a great shift in energy production and usage value chain.
Today, we have reliable opportunities of various sizes available across Farming value chain, Agri Technology, Renewable Energy, Food Retail and Urban development. Please see this document for details: 7Avenues Investment Opportunities- April 2018
The process of R&D in poultry that we started in Poultry operations 4 years back has yielded significant breakthroughs, and recently we could also see improvements in fertility and hatching rates. We have also started using Solar energy for our Hatchery Farm operations. Similarly, our plantations have become better with experience, now crossing 1000 acres with next 1000 acres ready for this year's work. There is nothing like a visit and stay at our farmhouse and office. So we are also getting one of our farms ready with modern guesthouse. 
For our Investing Partners, we work on Opportunity Basis, directly partnering in the opportunity. Wherever our capital and synergy permits, we would take maximum equity and full control in an opportunity, execute it and grow our assets and learn.  We do not seek external capital in such opportunities.
Advantages of our Approach vs Fund Management:
Learn more about us and our investment opportunities to join us. Thank you.
Best Wishes,
Sandeep Saxena
LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ssaxena
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/sandeep.saxena.24
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